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Q: What materials are used in your replica guns?

A: The Denix and other replica guns featured on our site are made of metal (usually zinc overlaid with various finishes like pewter, nickel, brass, etc.) Our replicas have about the same weight, heft  and feel as the real guns.  On the models that originally had wooden grips, our replicas also use real stained and/or polished wood.  Other grips may be made of textured metal or in the case of "Ivory" or "pearl" handled guns, ours will use a resin or polymer to replicate ivory or pearl grips.  As an example, some of the fancy Old West engraved presentation models have synthetic "ivory" grips. 

None of our replicas are the one-piece chunks of molded and painted plastic resin you may have seen.  Our replicas are historically accurate, made as closely as possible to the authentic design of the originals.  Durable and well engineered, they are also vastly less expensive than the originals, which makes it possible to build an impressive collection of the world's great classic guns, without a huge budget to purchase them.

Do your replicas have those red or orange plastic caps on the barrels?

A: The pre-20th Century replicas have no plugs or caps.  These include flintlocks and muskets, Civil War and Old West replicas, and some World War I guns, such as the SMLE Enfield.  The barrels are plugged, but the metal "plug" is inside the barrel where it is not visible, and the muzzles are open.  20th Century replicas--like the German P08 Parabellum and Mausers do have a red plug inside the end of the barrel,  because it is required by U.S. Federal law on 20th Century replicas, due to their realistic appearance.  However, the plug is inside the end of the barrel, rather than an orange or red plastic "cap" showing on the outside of the barrel.

Q: Can your replica guns be adapted to fire or used to fire blanks or airsoft cartridges?

A: No.  The non-firing replica guns featured on our site have a solid metal blockage inside the barrel, and the replicas are not made of the case-hardened steel needed to withstand the hot gases and explosive force of a cartridge being fired.  Any attempt to alter one of our replicas to fire projectiles would be unsafe, not to mention, illegal.  The cylinders and clips of our replicas are also a non-standard size so that real bullets don't properly fit, as an added safeguard.  If you wish to "load' your replica gun, we have solid metal "dummy" bullets that are specially sized to fit some of our replica models.

We also offer some blank-firing weapons that do fire, but please note that laws vary and there are some states in the U.S. where we can't ship these, nor can we ship them outside the U.S., due to laws, or because the shipping carriers won't accept them.

Q: Do replica guns have any moving/functioning parts?

A: Yes.  Our replica guns have all or most of the same moving parts as the originals.  They can be cocked and the triggers pulled, activating the "firing" mechanisms.  Some models--like the German P08--have functional slide loading mechanisms and multi-round clips that can be inserted and ejected.  Denix replica revolvers have cylinders that rotate and/or swing out, just as the real version of the firearm model.  As an example, the Denix replica AK47 assault rifles have the same moving parts as a real one, and can even be "taken down" or "field stripped" for cleaning.

Our  John Bianchi "Dry Fire" replicas are made of case hardened steel and are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.  Made at the Pietta factory in Italy, they use the same precision machined steel parts and forgings used to make their world-famous live fire single action revolvers.  Though classified as non-guns by the ATF, they can be disassembled, cleaned, etc., making them excellent for re-enactors, collectors, theatrical/movie/TV productions and display and carry at Cowboy Action Shooting events.

Q: Are Denix replica guns legal?

A: I
n most places, yes.  Special U.S. State requirements: In Kansas and California any replica gun purchases must be accompanied by the purchase of a display case or frame.  In New York, replicas of pre-1898 weapons are permitted, but we can only ship post-1898 replicas to theatrical, military, police or other government accounts with valid proof of account identity such as a letterhead request.  Connecticutt, Massachusetts, Wisconsin and Minnesota will only permit replicas of pre-1898 antique firearms.  There are no permits required to purchase a replica gun.

A few countries ban all replica firearms. In others, certain kinds of replica guns are banned--usually the 20th Century or "modern" types.  Some countries banning importation of so-called "modern" replicas will permit replicas of antique guns, such as muskets, flintlocks, Civil War and "old West" models. If you are uncertain about the laws regarding replica firearms in your country, please check before attempting to make a purchase. 
The United Kingdom prohibits import of any replica of a gun made after 1870, and all blank-firing replicas.  Canada will permit only non-firing replicas of pre-1898 cap and ball/percussion or flintlock weapons.  They will not permit replicas of any weapon that fired a self-contained metal cartridge such as the Old West rifles and revolvers, as they consider these "modern" replicas.

We will not knowingly sell a replica gun to a child or anyone under the age of 18, nor to anyone who we know to have questionable intentions.  4G Company strongly urges all of our customers to abide by their local laws, and to maintain a safe and responsible environment for any gun replicas purchased.

Q: Are replica guns safe?

A: Yes.  The Denix and other replicas on our site are safe to have in your home and for use in collections, displays, or for theatrical or training purposes.  None of them will fire projectiles, nor can they be converted to do so.  However, they are NOT toys and are definitely NOT for children.  Moving, spring-loaded parts, metal hammers that click on chambers, etc. could smash or pinch a child's fingers.  Also, Denix replica guns look and even feel like the real thing and have moving parts.  If a replica gun were to be aimed or used in a threatening manner, especially in the presence of police, military or Homeland Security professionals, or others, the consequences could be fatal.  They should always be treated with the same responsible handling that would be used with a real firearm.  When purchasing a replica firearm from us, you are responsible for maintaining a safe environment and/or situation for your purchase.

Q: Does ship replica guns worldwide?

A: Yes, where possible.  If you are outside of the United States and want to purchase a replica gun (or other item) from us, you can use the "Add to Cart" buttons displayed on the website, but once you are redirected to the secure PayPal payment page, you will need to enter your postal code in the blank and click the "shipping outside U.S.?" link for the correct shipping amount.

If we are unable to ship the item to you due to laws in your country, we will inform you as soon as we receive your order and immediately refund your payment.  We usually ship international orders via Priority International Mail, because their customs brokerage fees are lower than UPS or Fed-X and so this shipping method saves you money.

Please note: There may duties, tariffs or V.A.T. imposed by your government on imported products.   We have no control over the customs polices in your country, and usually can't get specific information about duties and tariffs for this type of product.  Please check with your local customs office or website before purchasing to avoid expensive surprises due to tariffs, VATs, etc.

YOU DO NOT NEED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT IN ORDER TO PURCHASE FROM US. We offer secure credit card processing through Pay-Pal, whether or not you have a Pay-Pal account.  If you do have a Pay-Pal account, you are, of course, welcome to use that method of payment.  Either way your purchase is quick and easy, and completely safe and secure.  We do not see or collect your payment information.  When you click an "Add to Cart" button to make a purchase on our site, you are immediately redirected  to PayPal's securely encrypted site before any financial or shipping information is collected.   Once your payment is processed by PayPal, you will be returned to a page on our website that verifies your purchase is complete.

Your order will usually be shipped out the next business day.  (In the United States, business days are Monday through Friday, excluding our national holidays)

Q: What payment methods does accept?

A: We use PayPal as our merchant credit card processing provider.
PayPal is used in over 130 countries, is safe and secure and is the most trusted way to pay for merchandise on the internet. 
YOU DO NOT NEED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT IN ORDER TO PURCHASE FROM US, though you can purchase through a Pay-Pal account if you have one or desire to sign up for one.   Either way, your purchase transaction is very quick, easy, safe and secure.  PayPal accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

We prefer that our customers use credit/debit cards or a PayPal account, because that is the quickest way for us to verify the payment and get your merchandise shipped and on its way to you.

However, if you wish to pay us directly by mailing a personal check or money order, we will be happy to accommodate you, though it will take longer to receive your payment and process your order.  If you wish to pay by personal check or money order, please email us the details of your order, including product number(s), shipping address, email address and contact information, so that we can set up your order to ship as soon as payment is received and verified, or you can call to place your order at 1-800-258-6167 (U.S. And Canada) or 479-696-4139 outside U.S. and Canada.

Q: Why do some products require me to purchase something else to buy them?

A:  At 4G Company, we use the modern practice of "just in time" inventory.  That means we don't keep a lot of inventory stacked up in a warehouse, but order products only as we need them to fill customer orders.  This works well, in most cases.  It helps us to keep our costs lower and we pass those savings on to you in the form of lower prices.  But because of shipping and handling costs, it does not work well for some small, lower-cost items, where the minimum cost of shipping is often as much or more than the item's price.   There are a few products such as replica bullets that we only ship in connection with a larger item, because their cost is below the minimum purchase requirements of our suppliers. By combining those items with a gun or other large item, we can usually ship them for no additional cost to you, and are able to minimize the handling fees charged by our suppliers, which also saves you money.
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