Frequently Asked Questions About Our Replicas of Classic Guns
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Q: What materials are used in your replica guns?
A: The Denix and other non-firing or cap-firing replica guns featured on our site are made of metal (usually zinc overlaid with various finishes like pewter, nickel, brass, etc.) Our replicas have about the same weight, heft  and feel as the real guns.  Blank-fire guns are made of case-hardened steel. On the models that originally had wooden grips, our replicas also use real stained and/or polished wood.  Other grips may be made of textured metal or in the case of "Ivory" or "pearl" handled guns, ours will use a resin or polymer to replicate ivory or pearl grips.  As an example, some of the fancy Old West engraved presentation models have synthetic "ivory" grips. 

None of our replicas are the one-piece chunks of molded and painted plastic resin you may have seen.  Our replicas are historically accurate, made as closely as possible to the authentic design of the originals.  Durable and well engineered, they are also vastly less expensive than the originals, which makes it possible to build an impressive collection of the world's great classic guns, without a huge budget to purchase them.

Do your replicas have those red or orange plastic caps on the barrels?
A: The pre-20th Century replicas have no plugs or caps.  These include flintlocks and muskets, Civil War and Old West replicas, and some World War I guns, such as the SMLE Enfield.  The barrels are plugged, but the metal "plug" is inside the barrel where it is not visible, and the muzzles are open.  20th Century replicas--like the German P08 Parabellum and Mausers do have a red plug inside the end of the barrel,  because it is required by U.S. Federal law on 20th Century replicas, due to their realistic appearance.  However, the plug is inside the end of the barrel, rather than an orange or red plastic "cap" showing on the outside of the barrel.

Q: Can your replica guns be adapted to fire or used to fire blanks or airsoft cartridges?
A: No.  The non-firing replica guns featured on our site have a solid metal blockage inside the barrel, and the replicas are not made of the case-hardened steel needed to withstand the hot gases and explosive force of a cartridge being fired.  Any attempt to alter one of our replicas to fire projectiles would be unsafe, not to mention, illegal.  The cylinders and clips of our replicas are also a non-standard size so that real bullets don't properly fit, as an added safeguard.  If you wish to "load' your replica gun, we have solid metal "dummy" bullets that are specially sized to fit some of our replica models.

We also offer some blank-firing weapons that do fire, but please note that laws vary and there are some states in the U.S. where we can't ship these, nor can we ship them outside the U.S., due to laws, or because the shipping carriers won't accept them. We also have some cap-firing replicas that use pull-off ring caps.

Q: Do replica guns have any moving/functioning parts?
A: Yes.  Our replica guns have all or most of the same moving parts as the originals.  They can be cocked and the triggers pulled, activating the "firing" mechanisms.  Some models--like the German P08--have functional slide loading mechanisms and multi-round clips that can be inserted and ejected.  Denix replica revolvers have cylinders that rotate and/or swing out, just as the real version of the firearm model.  As an example, the Denix replica AK47 assault rifles have the same moving parts as a real one.

Q: Are Denix replica guns legal?
A: I
n most of the United States, yes.  In almost all other countries, no. Gun laws in many countries where we formerly shipped replicas have been changed to prohibit them. Because the gun laws in other countries have become so restrictive, we can no longer ship replica guns outside the United States.

Special U.S. State requirements: In New York City (and New York State for modern replicas), as well as New Jersey, and Rhode Island, laws have been changed to prohibit us shipping replica guns to those locations. Connecticutt, Massachusetts, Wisconsin and Minnesota will only permit replicas of pre-1898 antique firearms.  There are no permits required to purchase a replica gun.

We will not knowingly sell a replica gun to a child or anyone under the age of 18, nor to anyone who we know to have questionable intentions.  4G Company strongly urges all of our customers to abide by their local laws, and to maintain a safe and responsible environment for any gun replicas purchased.

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