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Historic Replica Gun Framed and Boxed Sets
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Colonial & Revolutionary War Framed & Boxed Displays
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Decorative Hangers
Early Frontier Framed  Displays
Boxed and Framed Displays Of Replica Guns
These framed and boxed sets feature some of our most popular non-firing replicas of American Colonial, Early Frontier, and Civil War firearms, displayed in attractive, high-quality frames and presentation boxes, with special touches like period military insignia and vintage engravings of battle scenes, to create beautiful displays you'll be proud to show in your home or office.  All these sets include full size, wood and metal replicas that can be removed from their hangers to try out their functional loading and firing mechanisms.  Click on the blue links for larger images and purchase information.
Replica of George Washington's flintlock pistol mounted on a stained wood plaque with engraving of Washington Crossing the Delaware and a brass plate with a reproduction of his signature.
George Washington Hawkins Flintlock in a presentation boxed set
George Washington Boxed Set
Civil War Framed & Boxed Displays
Gettysburg Framed set with Griswold and Gunnison Confederate pistol.
The Gettysburg  Framed Set
Gettysburg boxed set with 1860 Army pistol replica.
The Gettysburg  Boxed Set
Lee and Jackson with engraved 1851 Navy pistol replica.
Lee and Jackson boxed set with engraved 1851 Navy pistol.
Lee & Jackson Framed Set
Lee & Jackson  Boxed Set
Confederate Framed Set
Confederate framed set with Griswold and Gunnison Confederate pistol.
Union Framed Set
Union framed set with 1860 Army pistol.
Boxed set with replica Boothe derringer used to kill Lincoln.
Boothe Derringer
Boxed Set
Robert E. Lee Framed Set
Light or Dark Wood Plaque
#22-23 Baroque Shield Pistol Hangers
Spring-loaded .45 cal. replica bullet spring-loaded pistol hangers
#22-35 .45 Caliber
Bullet Pistol Hangers
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Robert E Lee framed display, 1860 Army pistol replica, dark wood frame
Robert E Lee framed set on light wood plaque
See our Old West
Framed and Boxed Sets
Lexington Revolutionary Flintlock Boxed Set
American Revolution 1760 Scottish
Flintlock Pistol Boxed Set
American Revolution -- Early American Frontier -- Civil War
Old West Boxed & Framed Sets
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The Alamo Framed Set
Baroque Shield decorative wall hangers
All the above framed displays are also available on dark-finished wood frames.
Robt. E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson framed display, 1851 Navy replica
+1 demo: Basic page
+1 demo: Basic page
Visit our Resources page for links to reenacting groups, historic background about the classic firearms in our collection of replica, and the people, places and events that made them historic.
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The Alamo Flintlock Pistol
Framed Display
Available with Dark or Light Wood Frame
George Washington Framed Set
The Alamo Framed Set with Kentucky pistol, light wood frame.
These framed displays are unavailable until further notice, as we can't get them from our supplier without a weeks or months long wait.