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Flintlocks & Muskets
Flintlock Pistols
French Cavalry Pistol
1800 Lewis & Clark Pistol
French Pirate Pistol
Italian Triple Barrel
Napoleon Double Barrel
Napoleon Travelling Pistol
K&B Pocket Pistol
Versailles Duelling Pistol
Geo. Washington Pistol
AWI Lexington/Concord Pistol
Kentucky Pistol
British Blunderbuss
Italian Blunderbuss
1700s German Blunderbuss
18th Century Russian Pistol
18th Century Duelling Pair
British Duelling Pair

Flintlock Rifles
Charleville Musket
Brown Bess Musket
Kentucky Rifle
Pirate Blunderbuss
1807 Napoleon Rifle
1807 French Rifle
Brown Bess Musket
Charleville Musket
Charleville Carbine Musket
1853 Enfield 3-Band Musket
1860 Enfield Musketoon


American West Non-Firing Replicas
        Other Flintlocks
          17th Century German Pistols
          18th Century French Dueling Pistols
          19th Century Italian Dueling Pistols
          18th Century Spanish Dueling Pistol
Old West Pistols
1860  Army Revolver
Schofield 1869 Revolver
1873 .45 Cal.  Lone Star Revolver
1973 Deadwood Engraved Revolver
1873 Army Engraved Revolver
1873 SAA Western Revolvers
1873 Cavalry Revolvers
Double-barreled Derringer
1881 Double Barrel 'Sawed-off' Coach Gun
Old West Rifles
Classic 1892 Carbine
John Wayne 1892 Carbine
'The Rifleman' 1892 Carbine
'Mare's Leg'  Cut-Down
* from 'Wanted: Dead or Alive'
1866  Lever Action Repeating
1873 Lever Action Repeating
1881 Double Barrel Coach Gun

Civil War Non-Firing Replicas
Civil War Pistols
1860 Army Revolver
Griswold & Gunnison Confederate Revolver
1851 Navy Engraved Presentation Revolvers
LeMat .41 Cal./10-Ga. Confederate Pistol
1849 Dragoon Pistol
Civil War Rifles
1860 Henry Repeater
1860 Enfield P60 Short Rifle
1853 Enfield Musket
WWI & WWII Non-Firing Replicas

M1940 Schmeisser Submachine Gun
M1941 Schmeisser Submachine Gun
1943 Fusil StG44 Assault Rifle
Broom-handled Mauser C/96 Pistol
Wood or Black Textured Grip
German P38 Automatic Pistol
German P08 Automatic Pistol
M-1911 .45 Caliber U.S. Military Pistol
M-1911 .45 Caliber Collector's Classic
Short Magazine Lee Enfield (SMLE) Rifle
M1928 U.S. Submachine Gun Military
M1928 U.S. Submachine Gun 'Al Capone'
German WWII Semi-Auto (James Bond Pistol)
Modern Firearms

357 Magnum Pistols
M92 9mm Pistols
'James Bond'  PPK Pistol
AK-47 Tactical Assault Weapons
M1928 Thompson 'Gangster' SMG
Related Products
Civil War Accessories
Old West Badge Replicas
Stands & Hangers
Frames and More
Replica Ammo
Belt Buckles
Caps and Hats
Hat Pins
Powder Horns
Cavalry Insignia
Officer Sashes
Sword Belts
Western Holsters
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20th Century Blank-Firing Pistols
.357 Magnum-style 9mm Blank-Firing Pistols
'James Bond' 8mm Semi-Auto Blank Firing
Colt .45 Government Blank Firing
Walther P99 Semi-Automatic Blank Firing
American West Blank-Firing Replicas

Blank-Firing Pistols
1873 SAA 9mm Fast Draw Black/Black *
1873 SAA 9mm 'Fast Draw' Nickel/Black
1873 SAA Fast Draw .22/6mm Black/Black
1873 SAA Fast Draw .22/6mm Nickel/Black
1873 SAA Frontier Black/Wood 
1873 SAA Frontier Nickel/Wood

* 'Fast Draw' Models have 4.75" barrels
  'Frontier' Models have 5.5" barrels
Blank-Firing Rifles
Model 1894 Winchester
Framed  & Boxed Sets

George Washington Flintlock Pistol
(Boxed & Framed Sets)
The Alamo Framed Set
(Kentucky Flintlock Pistol)
The Alamo Bowie Knife Framed Set
Lexington Pistol Boxed Set
Framed & Boxed Sets

Old West Framed & Boxed Sets
Frontier Sheriff Framed Set
Wild Bill Hickock Framed Set
Billy the Kid Framed Set
Texas Rangers Framed Set
Outlaws and Lawmen Framed Set
Pat Garrett Framed Set
General Custer Framed Set
Doc Holliday Gambler Boxed Set
OK Corral Framed Set
Jessie James Framed Set
Wanted Posters
1866 Lever Action Rifle Framed Set

John Wayne Commemoratives

NEW! Most Sets now available on
light or dark wood plaques
Civil War Framed & Boxed Sets
Gettysburg Framed & Boxed
Lee & Jackson Framed & Boxed
Confederate Framed Set
Union Framed Set
Boothe Derringer Boxed Set
Robert E. Lee Framed Set

20th Century Framed Sets
M1911 U.S. Military Pistol
(Collector's Classic Framed Set)
WWII Replica Gear
Bayonets & Knives
German Helmets
WWII Repro German Green Wool Greatcoat
U.S. Paratrooper Uniform
WWII-era Holsters
German Officer Visor Caps
American Officer Crush Caps
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Home Decor & Gift Items
We have added some special items to our selection of quality replica firearms--chess sets, sculptures, vintage photos and other home decor items--conveniently organized by historic period.  We invite you to browse our Home Decor and Gift Idea Pages -- just click on the links below:

Revolutionary War    Napoleonic Wars    Early Frontier

Civil War   Old West
   World War I and  II
WWI & WWII Vintage Metal Model & Toy Reproductions
WW1/WW2 Collectibles
Authentic Replica Gun Classics - Non-Firing and  Blank-Firing
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