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Civil War
Old West
World War I and World War II
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Lexington Revolutionary War Flintlock
Kentucky Flintlock Pistol
Pistol Replicas
The Alamo Framed Set with Kentucky flintlock pistol
Framed Sets
Hats, holsters & other
reenactor gear
Flintlock Pistol Replicas
Napoleon's Double Barrel Flintlock Pistol
George Washington flintlock pistol framed set
Historic Framed Sets
The Alamo Bowie Knife framed set
Griswold and Gunnison Confederate-made Revolver Replica mounted on  wood plaque with bullet hangers
Framed &
Boxed Displays
1873 'Fast-draw' 45 Single as a 9mm blank-fire replica
1881 Double-barrel shotgun pistol
Mares Laig sawed-off Rifle, as seen in Wanted Dead or Alive, vintage 50s TV western
Non-firing & blank-firing replica
pistols, rifles,
And Holsters!
MP40 Schmeisser German SMG Pistol replica
Garand M1 WWII US Infantry Rifle
P08 Luger replica
Non-firing Replica Guns
Early American Frontier
Davy Crocket Kentucky long rifle replica
Rifle Replicas
Site Index
Front view of British Sten Mk II SMG replica
Derringer, brass engraved with mock pearl grips.
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Flintlock Musket Replicas
Due to increasingly restrictive gun laws in other countries, we can no longer ship replica guns outside USA.
WW2-issue holster for M1911 .45 military pistol
P338 Nazi-marked hardshell holster, black leather
USMC black leather holster for M1911 .45
Luger P08 AfrikaKorps hardshell holster, brown leather
WWII Holsters
Napoleonic Wars and American Revolution
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Replica cap & ball pistols & muskets
Charleville musket with bayonet
1853 Enfield Civil War Musket
1860 Army replica pistol
Western Six-Shooter Cap-Firing Replica Revolver
Cap-Firing Replica Pistols
Frontier Sheriff replica revolver framed display
Gettysburg boxed display with 1860 Army Revolver replica
Framed & Boxed
Civil War Confederate holster, oiled brown leather
Confederate officer kepi cap
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+1 demo: Basic page
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1881 Stagecoach Shotgun
Rifleman 1892 Winchester replica
1881 Coach Shotgun
'The Rifleman' 1892 Winchester