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Blank Firing Replica Derringers, Revolvers,  and Rifles *
Blank Firing Gun Safety Guidelines
1873 Western 'Fast Draw' Style Blank-Firing Pistols
1873 Fast Draw Model Blank-Firing Replica Revolver, Black with black checkered grips.
Choose 6mm/.22 Caliber or 9mm
1873 SAA, Fast Draw Model Blank-Firing Replica Revolver, Nickel with black checkered grips.
Single Action, Nickel with Black Checkered Grips
1873 SAA Nickel #38-200N 9mm blank-fire
4.75" barrel, great for fast draw or Western Action Shooting practice!
1873 Fast Draw Blank-Firing Replica Revolver, Black with wood grips
#38-161 Single Action, Black, Wood Grips
Classic Old West Single Action, 5.5" barrel, perfect for spinning or stage prop
Model 1873 Fast Draw Model Blank-Firing Replica Revolver, Nickel with wood grip
#38-16IN Single Action, Nickel/Wood Grips
1873 SAA Fast-Draw Black/Wood Grips Blank Fire
1873 SAA Cavalry-style Blank Fire, Nickle/Wood Grips
1873 Black SAA #38-200 (9mm)
1894 Lever Action Rifle - Fires 8mm Blanks
1894 Lever Action Blank-Fire Rifle
17" barrel, black finish, 36" overall length, European hardwood stock, #38-650
1873 Black SAA 38-201 (.22 cal/6mm)
1873 SAA Nickel #38-202 (.22 cal/6mm)
Choose 6mm/.22 Caliber or 9mm
.22 Caliber Blank-Firing 1866 Double Barrel Derringers
Made in Italy by Kimar(R)
.22-cal. blank-fire derringer, nickel finish with black grips.
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#38-376 - Nickel Finish, Checkered Black Plastic Grips
Single Action, Black, Black Checkered Grips

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Old West derringer blank-fire replica, black, black grips.

#38-377 - Black Matte Finish, Black Grips
Out of Stock, ETA early January, 2023
*  You must be 18 years old to purchase blank-fire arms, and 21 to sign for the package when delivered. See the safety guidelines in the package before using. Sorry, due to their gun laws, we can't ship blank-firing guns to addresses in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Chicago/Aurora IL, Topeka KS, or to other countries.
NOTICE: We regret that due to the ongoing shortage of blank-fire ammo, all the Old West blank-firing pistols, revolvers, and derringers have been discontinued by our supplier, and we can no longer get them. We still do have the 1894 Blank-fire Rifle at the bottom of the page, but all the rest are discontinued.