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Flintlock Rifle & Musket Replicas
Flintlock firearms are so called because the lock uses a flint to strike sparks into the priming pan when the trigger is pulled. A small amount of gunpowder in this pan is ignited, which in turn ignites the main gunpowder charge in the barrel and fires the lead ball. Both the main powder charge and the ball are loaded from the front, or muzzle, of the barrel, after which the priming charge is poured into the pan--all very time consuming! Often the priming charge would burn, but fail to ignite the main charge--which is where we get the expression,  "a flash in the pan".

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#22-1036 - Charleville Musket with Bayonet
American Revolutionary War Musket!
Charleville American Revolutionary War Carbine Musket
#22-1037 - Charleville Carbine Musket
Shortened (45" long) "carbine" version of item 22-1036 above, also widely used in the Revolutionary War. Bayonet not included with the carbine model.
American Revolutionary War Musket!
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18th Century Pirate Flintlock Blunderbuss
Brown Bess British Flintlock Musket, with  bayonet.
#22-1054 - British 'Brown Bess'  Flintlock Musket
The Brown Bess was a British weapon, but many in the Continental army carried the same musket.  75" overall length with bayonet.
18th Century Pirate Flintlock Blunderbuss,grey finish.
18th Century Pirate Flintlock Blunderbuss, brass finish.
26" Long. Choose pewter finish, with skull and crossbones emblem on stock or brass finish barrel with plain stock.
#22-1094G Pewter
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#22-1094L Brass
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1807 Napoleon Flintlock Rifle
#22-1080L - 1807 Napoleon Flintlock Rifle
Based on the 1807 French flintlock, this replica has ornately engraved woodwork, furniture and buttplate, with Napoleon's crest on the stock.    44.5" long. 

#22-1080G - 1807 French Flintlock Rifle
1807 French Flintlock Non-Firing Replica Rifle
This 1807 French flintlock, has ornately engraved woodwork, furniture and buttplate.    44.5" long.  This is a great piece for the money--perfect for Napoleonic war reenactors! 

American Revolutionary War Musket!
Early Frontier - War of 1812 -- for AuthenticNon-firing  Replicas  of Historic Flintlock Rifles & Muskets
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Shorter version of the legendary rifle of America's early frontier. 43-1/2 inches long.

Kentucky long rifle, replica of Davy Crockett Alamo rifle
Used from the Revolutionary War to the mid-1800s, this uniquely American rifle is most famous for the Battle of New Orleans and as the rifle used by Davy Crockett at The Alamo. 59 inches long.
Charleville American Revolutionary War Musket with Bayonet
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This fine replica of the historic Charleville Musket is authentic down to the St. Etienne stamp on the lockplate! 
Close-up of stock and flintlock mechanism on Kentucky long rifle
Kentucky Flintlock Rifle replica
Kentucky Flintlock Rifle, full length wood stock with brass banding
#22-1137 - The Alamo Kentucky Flintlock Long Rifle
#22-1138 - Kentucky Flintlock Rifle
Defended The Alamo
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