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Flintlock Non-Firing Replica Pistols
Flintlock pistols were so called because the lock uses a flint to strike sparks into the priming pan when the trigger is pulled. A small amount of gunpowder in this pan is ignited, which in turn ignites the main gunpowder charge in the barrel and fires the lead ball. Both the main charge and the ball were loaded from the front, or muzzle, of the barrel, after which the priming charge was poured into the pan--all very time consuming! Often the priming charge would burn, but fail to ignite the main charge--which is where we get the expression,  "a flash in the pan".

Napoleon's 1806 Double Barrel Flintlock Pistol Replica
Napoleon's 1806 Double Barrel Flintlock Replica
Versailles Flintlock Dueling Pistol Replica, nickel finish barrel, decorative plating on grip and lock mechanism
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1800 French Cavalry Flintlock Pistol Replica
Safety Information
Versailles Flintlock Dueling Pistol Replica, brass finish barrel and decorative plating on grip, antiqued silver finish lock mechanism
22-1084L Brass
Powder Horn
Revolutionary War
Flintlock Pistol Replica
This is a reproduction of a 1760 Scottish Flintlock carried by Scottish Regimental officers during the Revolutionary War.

George Washington's
1748 Hawkins Flintlock Pistol Replica
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Historically authentic and accurately detailed replica with working parts, real wood stock, simulated brass trim.
The original of this double-barreled flintlock replica pistol is from Napoleon's private armory.

Matched pairs of original dueling pistols sell for thousands of dollars. Add this richly detailed replica to your collection at a tiny fraction of the cost for an original!
This non-firing replica has all of the features of the original, including the George Washington nameplate on the grip.
Made by the same gunsmiths who crafted the fabled Kentucky rifles. Original Kentucky flintlocks typically sell for $2600 or more.  Own this flawless replica for a tiny fraction of an original's price!
Small pocket pistols like this replica were often carried for self defense.  Our historically authentic replica of a very fancy model is only 7.5" long.
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Revolutionary War    Napoleonic Wars
Early Frontier
Civil War
Old West

World War I and  II

18th Century French Pirate Flintlock Pistol
This flintlock replica is decorated with a skull and crossbones, making it a great costume piece for Ren Faire pirates!
Powder Horn made from real steer horn, removable wooden stopper, 10 inches long, sold with gun purchase only

#30-100 - Made from a real steer horn with removable wooden stopper and leather shoulder strap. 10" long.

Non-firing  Authentic Replica Flintlock Pistols

Leatherette Tricorn hat, great for Rev War reenactments or Renfaire pirates

#10-18 - Looks great on Revwar reenactors and RenFaire pirates! One size fits most.

22-1084G Silvertone
1795 London Kumbley and Brum Pocket Pistol non-firing replica, brass finish, simulated ivory grip, ornately engraved
Brass/Simulated Ivory
1795 London Kumbley & Brum Pocket Pistol Replica
1800 French Pirate Flintlock Pistol
Lewis & Clark Flintlock Pistol Replica
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1810 Versailles Flintlock Dueling Pistol Replica
Engraved double barrel flintlock with rotating barrels
Engraved Double Barrel Flintlock
Rotating Barrels!
This unusual 1750s flintock features double rotating barrels with separate pans.  The dual-tone furniture is richly engraved, with an engraved, simulated ivory grip and metal butt plate.

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Click page numbers to see more flintlock pistols:  Page 1  2  3
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Kentucky pkstol, brass finish
Kentucky Pistol, silver finish
Kentucky Flintlock Pistol Replica
NEW! Silver finish!
Napoleon's Personal Traveling Flintlock Pistol Replica
Napoleon's  Personal Traveling Flintlock Replica
This replica of Napoleon's personal flintlock pistol is historically accurate, down to the St. Etienne mark. 13.5" long.