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This richly ornamented pistol is of a type carried by Scottish Regiment officers during the Revolutionary War.  Only 12 inches long, this all-metal model weighs a hefty two pounds!  It has moving parts, with a heavily detailed and beautifully embossed finish, and the Scottish thistle flower insignia on the grip. The pistol can be secured to the waistband with the belt hook on the left side.  Rotate the pan, cock the hammer, and pull the trigger the hammer falls just as it did in the original made over 200 years ago. This elegant and ornate non-firing replica represents one of the most significant moments in American history--The Shot Heard 'Round the World at Lexington-Concord--a great choice for Revolutionary War history buffs or reenactors.
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1760 Scottish Flintlock Replica 
American Revolutionary War Replica
1760 Lexington Revolutionary War flintlock pistol
Detail from grip:
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Detail of Scottish thistle flower insignia from grip of Lexington flintlock pistol
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