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This SMLE #1 MKIII replica is crafted in exacting detail from a 1917 W1 original, complete with simulated WWI dates, with wood grips and green steel-mounted leather scabbard, has correct hooks for the U.S. , and includes an infantry waist belt. This bayonet was also standard issue for military shotguns ("trench guns") from WWI to Viet Nam.  17" blade can be sharpened for an additional fee.

This famous bayonet has the correct bowie bayonet blade for the Enfield No. 5 Carbine. The blade is marked "RFI" for Rifle Factory Ishapore.  Comes with steel scabbard.  7-3/4" blade, 12" overall length.
While the long blade M1 Garand Springfield is among the most desirable of all U.S. bayonets for collectors, originals are almost impossible to find--or to afford.  This reproduction is authentic down to the 1942 'flaming bomb' markings. 16" blade.  Available with or without scabbard, or purchase the scabbard only.
$89.00-Factory edge
Plus Shipping
1917 WWI Camp Pattern German Helmet Replica
#16-17 -  WWI German Helmet Replica, 1917 Camp Pattern, 18-ga. Steel with lugs and repro liner, Size 7-7/8.
$115.95 plus shipping.
1942 German Military Helmet
#803282 WWII German Helmet, realistic, high-quality replica of 1942 design, 18-ga. Steel with lugs and repro liner. $94.95 plus shipping.
Size 7-5/8.
Bayonets & Knives
SMLE Bayonet with high carbon steel blade, oil-rubbed wood grip, sheath included
SMLE Bayonet #803131
Jungle Carbine Bayonet for Enfield No. 5 Carbine, with Steel Scabbard
Click on photos for larger images
#401262 Jungle Carbine Bayonet (Enfield NO. 5 Carbine)
Plus Shipping
Blade Options
M1 Garand Bayonet
M1 Garand Springfield 'long Blade' Bayonet
$75.00 no scabbard, plus shipping
Scabbard Options
German Trench Knife and Sheath
#07-405 - German Trench Knife
This is an exact replica of the WWII trench knife used by German foot soldiers and is perfect for WWII collectors or re-enactors. 11.3" long, 6.2" blade.
Plus Shipping
Japanese WWII Arisaka Bayonet and Scabbard
#07-407 - Japanese WWII
Arisaka Bayonet
This is an authentic replica of the Arisaka bayonet carried by Japanese troops from 1897 through WWII. It features a steel blade with blood groove and wood grips. 20.5" long.
Plus Shipping
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NOTE: and 4G Company have no sympathies with any Nazi, Fascist or neo-political/military parties past or present.  Items presented here are chosen only for their interest to historic reenactors and memorabilia collectors.
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WWII German Mauser Bayonet and Scabbard, blued metal blade and scabbard, metal grooved grip
German WWII Mauser Bayonet #07-406
Plus Shipping
This WWII bayonet, also known as the K98, was the standard bayonet for the famous Mauser rifle.   Like the original, our replica features a metal grooved grip, 9.5" blued blade with blood groove and a blued metal scabbard.  16" long, weighs 1.4 pounds.

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1907 SMLE Bayonet, Hooked Quillen, #600851
SMLE #1 Mk III early-style bayonet with scabbard.  Originals are scarce, as the quillons were removed early in WWI. 
The high carbon steel blade is tempered to hold a razor edge, and has British markings.  Sharpening available for an additional fee.  The sheath has a leather body with a seam up the back and lozenge-style frog, matte black metal top & tip.  22" overall, 17-1/4" blade.
Closeup of markings on blade of 1907 SMLE bayonet
Close-up of lug on 1907 SMLE bayonet
Close-up of markings on 1907 SMLE bayonet
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Plus Shipping
$72.95 factory edge
$87.95 sharpened
Plus Shipping
Blade options
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M1 Garand Springfield Bayonet and Scabbard
M1 Garand Springfield Bayonet Scabbard
Plus Shipping
#402378, with
#803130, scabbard only
Plus Shipping
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M1 Garand Parade Bayonet and Scabbard
M! Garand
Parade Bayonet
Made to the exact specs and of the same materials as the original but with beautiful chromed fittings for dress, parades and ceremonies.  Used by all branches of military after WWII, still in use today. 14-1/2 inches long overall. Standard-issue OD scabbard, with but matching chromed steel parts. #403430.
$69.95 plus shipping

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