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Do you Heart, too?

Do you Heart, too?

Whether you're a Green Meanie, a Rennie, a Hey Noney-Noney, a RevWar, AWI or  ACW reenactor, a Knottie, or you follow some other period of history through reenactment, living history performances or competitions, you're sure to find something useful on this page.  If you're one of the above you probably know what these terms mean.  If you don't and would like to know, or are not one of the above but would like to be, just click on the links below  and you'll soon be "in the know": 
Historic Games Glossary -- A wonderfully entertaining site with lots of good information about all our historic passions..
Ancient World and Dark Ages -- This site for the Australasian Register of Living History Organizations endeavors to list all the known living history and reenactment groups of all historic periods based in Australia and New Zealand, with many useful research links and resources. -- Comprehensive information about reenacting and reenactment groups worldwide, ranging from ancient Greeks to modern warfare. -- Regia Anglorum (translated "Kingdoms of the English") is a group devoted to preserving and interpreting English life and culture from AD950 to 1066--focusing on Anglo-Saxon, Viking and Norman inhabitants of the British Isles through reenactments and living history re-creations. Their site has some great research resources -- Founded in 1971, with over 700 members throughout the UK with other groups in other European countries and the U.S., the Vikings are the oldest and largest Dark Ages reenactment society in the UK, and possibly the world, focusing on re-creating the daily lives and military exploits of 10th Century Vikings, Celts and Normans. The site has a rich resource section--great for history buffs and researchers. -- An international organization devoted to the study, preservation and restoration of ancient Roman culture -- rich source of information about every aspect of the Roman empire.

American Colonial, Frontier and Revolutionary War -- Official site of Colonial Williamsburg, a national historic site that re-creates everyday life in Colonial times.

Early American Recipes -- Another resource from Colonial Williamsburg -- A concise history of the American War for Independence.

Continental -- Established in 1987, the Continental Line encompasses revwar reenactment units from New Hampshire to South Carolina representing the Continental Army, Navy and Marines, various Colonial militias, and French units that fought alongside the Colonials during the American War for Independence. -- chartered by the New York Board of Regents to honor the memory of British and American soldiers who served their countries during the American War for Independence, the British Brigade seeks to preserve the culture and history of both sides with encampments and battle reenactments. -- Established in 1962, the Brigade of the American Revolution is dedicated to re-creating the life and times of the common soldier during the American War for Independence (1775-1783). Its members represent all the forces involved in the conflict--Continental, Colonial Militias, British, Colonial Loyalist, German, French, Spanish and Native Americans, plus civilians of all ages. They offer many educational resources and a full schedule of educational and historic events. -- Comprehensive information about reenacting and reenactment groups worldwide, ranging from ancient Greeks to modern warfare. -- Resident at Ohio State University, this is a comprehensive history resource, great for reenactors needing historic information about their time period. Many useful links with access to thousands of documents and photographs, blogs, and podcasts. -- A private forum for muzzleloader enthusiasts.

Napoleonic Wars and War of 1812 -- Information on the Napoleonic Wars in Europe (1799-1815) -- Napoleonic + US Civil War reenactors based in Italy -- Established in 1987, this International group of reenactors portray French Grenadiers of the Napoleonic War period between 1792 and 1815, not only in battle, but through historically authentic encampments in which they live around the clock just as French soldiers did two centuries ago. Their site features text in several languages, including English. -- Comprehensive resources for 1812 reenactors and history buffs, from historic information about the War of 1812, a guide to forts and other historic sites, reference materials about uniforms and equipment to links for reenactor units and a calendar of reenactment events. -- Comprehensive information about reenacting and reenactment groups worldwide, ranging from ancient Greeks to modern warfare. -- A private forum for muzzleloader enthusiasts.

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Click these links for more resources:  American Civil War, American West,  World Wars

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