Links to Resources for Civil War Reenactors and History Buffs
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American Civil War Resources

Historic Games Glossary -- A wonderfully entertaining site with lots of good information about all our historic passions.

U.S. Civil War Information -- A very large collection of reference guides for the Civil War with many educational resources. -- Quick and easy reference--Civil War timeline with photos and quotes. -- Civil War history through a timeline with battle maps, pictures and documents. Also a resource for the history of the Underground Railroad -- A private forum for muzzleloader enthusiasts. -- Comprehensive history resource, great for reenactors needing historic information about their time period. Many useful links about the Civil War, access to thousands of documents and photographs, blogs, and podcasts. -- Great resource for Civil War reenactment and living history event planners, this site gives you an account of what was happening on any given day of the year during the Civil War. -- Great resource for battle planners, this on-line magazine has articles analyzing the battles, strategies and leaders of the Civil War. Many illustrations. -- A wonderful site for Civil War info from battles to weapons. -- Lots of info about Civil War-era guns -- This comprehensive Civil War reference source provides access to thousands of pages of Civil War material, including information on living history and reenactments -- Great resource for historic detail about Civil War era food! -- Lots of interesting details about the American Civil War! -- A Civil War reenactment group based in Yakima, Washington -- Napoleonic + US Civil War reenactors based in Italy -- Comprehensive information about reenacting and reenactment groups worldwide, ranging from ancient Greeks to modern warfare. Lots of information and supply sources for reenactors, plus information about reenactment events. -- Annual reenactment takes place 4th of July weekend. Information about one of the nation's largest and oldest Civil War reenactment events. -- Calendar and display ads for major Civil War battle reenactment events.

You Tube Videos of Gettysburg and other Civil War Reenactments -- So You Want To Be A Reenactor? This article from Camp Chase Gazette CW Magazine offers information and advice about how to get started.

55th VA and 188th NY Volunteer Infantry -- This historical reenacting group in Northern New York is one of the largest in the Northeast, and has the unique distinction of doing both a Confederate and Union impression.

Tupper Lake Civil War Enrichment Days Weekend -- Historic Weekend in Tupper Lake, New York, hosted by 55th Va./118th N.Y. Vol. Inf.

Sea Coast Artillery Civil War Directory -- This seller of 1/6 scale Civil War cannons and artillery also offers a directory of Civil War-related resources

Online Schools - Civil War Teachers -- Calendar and display ads for major Civil War battle reenactment events.

Nursing and Medicine in the Civil War -- A brief history of medicine and nursing during the Civil War with additional resources for further reference.

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Nursing and Medicine in the Civil War  -- A brief history of medicine and nursing during the Civil War with additional resources for further reference.