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.357 Magnum, 4" Barrel
.357 Magnum  2" Barrel
.357 Magnum Pistols
Blued Black Finish, Textured Grips
AK-47 Tactical Assault Rifle Replicas
These authentic, wood and metal, non-firing replica AK-47s have 30-round banana clips and working actions! (Ammo clips do not accept shells.)
AK-47 Tactical Assault Rifle Replica, Wood Stock,#22-1086
AK-47 Tactical Assault Rifle Replica with Folding Stock, #22-1097
92F 9mm Semi-Automatic Pistol
1928 'Al Capone' U.S. Submachine Gun
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Makarav PM Semi-Automatic, Russian cold-war military sidearm
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'James Bond' Semi- Auto  Pistol
Desert Eagle pistol, black with black grip
Desert Eagle replica pistol, nickel with black grip
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Russian Makarov Replica
20th Century Firearms - Non-Firing Replicas
From Al Capone's "Tommy Gun" from the "Roaring Twenties" days of Prohibition, to the Sleek Desert Eagle Pistol, we have the historic and iconic guns of the 20th Century, expertly reproduced in quality non-firing replicas. Cold War history buff? Check out the Makarov, official side arm of the Soviet Army during the Cold War.  We have the lethal AK-47 Assault Rifle with wood stock or with the folding metal stock, and the .357 Magnum of "Walking Dead" fame, and other .357 Magnums with several barrel lengths. The venerable M1911 .45 service revolver was replaced by the M92F Beretta 9mm pistol as the official US Military side-arm after the Viet Nam War--check out our detailed replica! James Bond fans will love our non-firing replica of the Walther PPK! (P.S. We also have blank-firing versions of some of these 20th Century firearms!)
Desert Eagle Replica Pistol
Replica of Soviet Cold War Sidearm
22-1123N Nickel
22-1123 Black
Walther PPK, nickel with black textured grips
.357 Magnum, 6" Barrel
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+1 demo: Basic page
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AK47 replica with folding metal stock.
AK47 replica, wood stock.
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.357 Magnum replica, 4 inch barrel, all black.
.357 Magnum, 2 inch barrel, all black.
.357 Magnum, 6-inch barrel, all black.
.357 Magnum, 8-inch barrel, all black.
M92F Beretta semi-auto pistol replica, black, black grips
M92F Beretta 9mm semi-auto pistol replica, nickel, black grips
#22-1254, Black, Textured Grip
#22-1254N, Nickel,
Textured Grip
M1928 Thompson 'Al Capone' SMG with 50-round drum clip
#22-1092 M1928 Thompson SMG
Civilian Model, #22-1092
.357 Magnum, 8" Barrel
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In Stock
In Stock
Walther PPK, black with black textured grips
#22-1277 Black
#22-1277N Nickel
In Stock
In Stock
In Stock
In Stock
In Stock
In Stock
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In Stock
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