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Non-Firing Replica Gun With Working Mechanical Parts!
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Blued Black Finish, Textured Grips
.357 Magnum pistol replica, blued black finish, textured grips
#22-1051  4" Barrel
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NEW! We now have 9mm blank-firing versions of the 4" barrel  Magnum. 
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This excellent non-firing replica has a working action and a strong, thick frame for realism, but does not chamber or fire real or blank ammo.  It functions in both single and double action, with a cylinder that rotates but does not swing out. HISTORY: The .357 Magnum was developed in the early- to mid-1930s.  After Colt introduced its .38 Special, that weapon gained favor because its slightly faster muzzle velocity enabled it to penetrate the car doors and "bullet-proof vests" gangsters and bootleggers were using for cover during gun battles with lawmen.