Non-Firing Authentic Replicas of Civil War Rifles & Muskets
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Civil War Replica Rifles and Muskets
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1853 Enfield Rifle Musket, one of the most wildely used by both North and South during the Civil War
1853 Enfield
3-Band Musket
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1860 Henry
Repeating Rifle
1860 Lever Action Octagonal Barrel Rifle, brass finish, black barrel

1860  Enfield P-60 Civil War Musketoon
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1860 Enfield P-60 Short Rifle, used by both North and South during the Civil War

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1859 Sharps Civil War rifle replica, grey finish
Close-up of firing mechanism on 1859 Springfield Civil War rifle replica.
1859 Sharps Civil War Rifle

1859 Sharps Civil War Carbine
1859 Sharps Civil War carbine replica, black finish
Close-up of 1859 Sharps carbine firing mechanism.
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Blue Kepi Cap in sizes M-L-XL
Gray Kepi Cap in sizes M-L-XL
Confederate Officer Kepi Cap, gold braid on gray cap
Union officer kepi cap, dark blue braid trim on dark blue cap
CSA Hat Pin replica, silver-tone CSA inside a gold-tone wreath
Rebel Flag Hat Pin, color enamel Rebel flag inside gold-tone laurel wreath
Union Hat Pin replica, silver-tone USA inside a gold-tone laurel wreath
Union Civil War  uniform blue slouch hat with gold tassle band
Civil War Hats
Confederate uniform grey slouch hat with gold tassle band
Civil War Hat Pins
8.5-inch Powder Horn
#30-100 10" Powder Horn, made from real steer horn, with removable wood stopper and leather shoulder strap.
7th Cavalry Brass Insignia
Brass Cavalry Insignia
#14-142 7th Cavalry Insignia
#14-145 Cavalry  Insignia
Civil War Insignia
Missouri River Shirt
Made of soft Pima cotton that is 100% pre-shrunk, this pullover V-neck style has button sleeves.  Available in natural (pictured), plus black or white, sizes Small to 4X
Powder Horn
Our selection of Civil War rifles and muskets includes two versions of the venerable 1859 Sharps, the iconic 1860 Henry "repeater" that paved the way for the lever-action repeating Winchesters of the Old West, the Enfield 3-band musket and shorter 1860 Enfield Musketoon used by both North and South armies.
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