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1853 Enfield Rifle Musket, one of the most wildely used by both North and South during the Civil War
1853 Enfield
3-Band Musket
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1860 Henry
Repeating Rifle
1860 Lever Action Octagonal Barrel Rifle, brass finish, black barrel

1860  Enfield P-60 Civil War Musketoon
1860 Enfield P-60 Short Rifle, used by both North and South during the Civil War
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1859 Sharps Civil War rifle replica, grey finish
Close-up of firing mechanism on 1859 Springfield Civil War rifle replica.
1859 Sharps Civil War Rifle

1859 Sharps Civil War Carbine
1859 Sharps Civil War carbine replica, black finish
Close-up of 1859 Sharps carbine firing mechanism.
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Our selection of Civil War rifles and muskets includes two versions of the venerable 1859 Sharps, the iconic 1860 Henry "repeater" that paved the way for the lever-action repeating Winchesters of the Old West, the Enfield 3-band musket and shorter 1860 Enfield Musketoon used by both North and South armies.
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