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Looking for a great gift for a gun fancier or history buff?  Shop our clearance sale for great bargains! These are new products that were returned, or the product boxes were damaged, but the replica guns are undamaged, the firing mechanisms still function and they are made of real wood and metal.
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Billy the Kid Framed Displays
William Henry McCarty (1859-1881), AKA William H. Bonney -- better known as "Billy THE Kid"-- used a .45 single action revolver with a 4.75" barrel like this replica during his criminal career in New Mexico Territory. The action on our classic, non-firing replica works like the original--the hammer cocks, the cylinder rotates and the trigger pulls to drop the hammer. Antique gunmetal grey finish and real wood grips. A miniature wanted poster and a reproduction of the only known photograph of The Kid complete the set.  One only, light wood frame.
NOW $59.95
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Badge Blow-out!
Marshal badge, brass
Deputy US Marshall badge, silver
Deputy US Marshall badge, silver
Pony Express messenger badge
Dodge City Marshall badge, siilver
Arizona Ranger Captain badge, silver
Grab-bag of classic Old West badges -- Tombstone Marshal, Dodge City Marshal. Deputy Marshal, Pony Express and more. Previously $8 to $15.95 each--buy our choice of four assorted for $16.00 with free shipping. First come, first served. Order now for best selection.