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Kentucky flintlock, replica of pistol that was used in defense of the Alamo, mounted on wood plaque with baroque hangers, a vintage engraving of the Alamo and brass identification plate. The frame on this set is the same color as Union set below. The color in this picture is off. Reg. $118.95
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Replica Gun Clearance Sale!
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Looking for a great gift for a gun fancier or history buff?  Shop our clearance sale for great bargains! These are new products that were returned, or the product boxes were damaged, but the replica guns are undamaged, the firing mechanisms still function and they are made of real wood and metal.  Choose from Old West revolvers, Civil War pistols, amd Flintlock Pistols. We also have a few replica gun historic framed displays that make great gifts for gun fanciers, departing military, or  retiring law enforcement.
The Alamo franed set with Kentucky flintlock pistol
Plus Shipping
Lee/Jackson Boxed Set
Plus Shipping
Full sized metal and wood replica of an engraved 1851 Navy revolver with working firing mechanism parts in a wood case with vintage colorized engraving of the last meeting between Robert E Lee and Stonewall Jackson at Chancellorsville, Virginia, pistol is nested in sky blue foam insert with crossed saber cavalry insignia and a union hat pin. Reg. $145.95
Battle of Little Big Horn Commemorative
SAA Revolver
Fancy engraved SAA Revolver has "battle of Little Big Horn, 1876" engraved on the grips.
ONE ONLY - $49.95 Plus Shipping
Pistol Display Plaque, #27-501C
Sold wood in dark finish, routed edges, 18' wide, 7 inches tall. Reg. $24.95
Plus Shipping
Webley 1932 issue Mk IV British revolver
Webley  Mark IV Revolver
Non-firing replica of the 1932 issue British WWII Revolverm chambered to fire .38 S&W 200s and used by British Commonwealth troops during WWII.  It breaks open from the top and the cylinder spins. The double-action trigger and hammer both work like the original.
Reg. $79.95
Plus Shipping
Versailles flntlock dueling pistol, gold finish
Versailles Flintlock Pistol
Historically authentic, ornate French flintlock pistol made in the style of master French gunsmit, Nicholas Boutet. Carved wood and brass fnish, working mechanical parts. Product box is damaged.  Reg. $97.95
Plus Shipping
1860 Army Civil War Pistol
Favorite side-arm of cavalry, infantry and artillery troops in the Civil War. Fully functional loading lever,cylinder, hammer, and trigger. Real metal and wood, 14-5/8" long.
Reg. $97.95
Plus Shipping
Pirate Flintlock Blunderbuss
19th Century blunderbuss flintlock pistol with full wood stock, working parts, and pirate face buttplate.
Reg. $59.95
Plus Shipping
British Dueling Pistols
Historically authentic replicas of fine British dueling pistols that were made in the mid-1700s. Full wood stock, working flintlock mechanism, the weight and heft of the real thing!  Reg. $116.00
Plus Shipping
Alamo Framed Set
Union Framed Set
Full sized metal and wood replica of an 1860 Army revolver, mounted on a pine plaque with bullet hangers that allow the gun to be easily removed and replaced, a vintage engraving of the Battle of Second Manassas, Union hat pin, and brass identification plate. Reg. $129.95
Plus Shipping
Civil War Union framed display with 1860 Army revolver.
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