Civil War Insignia, buckles, hats and other accessories for re-enactors
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Copper and Brass C.S.A. Insignia Bugle, 6 inches long
Copper and Brass Union Insignia Bugle, 6 inches long
Brass Bugle - 5.5 inches long (no insignia)
#ON1203 - Copper and brass bugle with C.S.A. Insignia. 6" long, 4" wide.
#ON1206 - Brass bugle
5-1/2" long, 4" wide.
#ON1204 - Copper and brass bugle with U.S. Insignia. 6" long, 4" wide.

Confederate Cavalry Officer's Sword and scabbard. Original of this design belonged to Gen. Joe Shelby
#06-804 - This Confederate Cavalry Officer's Sword Tempered carbon steel blade.  Black-finished steel scabbard with brass fittings included.
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Union Blue enlisted kepi cap
10-22 - Blue Kepi Cap
Each, Plus Shipping
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Vintage photo of General Joe Shelby, the only Confederate General who never surrendered.
General Joe Shelby was best known as "The Undefeated"--the only Confederate general who did not surrender at the end of the Civil War--instead, he took 1,000 troops south to Mexico to offer his sword in service to the Emperor Maximilian.  The John Wayne movie "The Undefeated" was loosely based on his exploits.
Civil War
34" long carbon steel blade, brass handguard and pommel, steel scabbard with brass fittings.
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36" curved blade of carbon steel, brass hilt with leather & brass wire wrapped grip, steel scab-bard with brass fittings.
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Civil War Reenactor Gear
Authentic reproductions - Kepis are 100% wool with leather visor, chin strap and sweat band, cotton or silk lining, brass buttons and buckles.
Confederate Officer Kepi Cap, Gold Braid on Gray Cap
10-17A - CSA Officer's
Kepi Cap
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10-08 - Union Officer's
Slouch Hat
10-08A - CSA Officer's
Slouch Hat
These quality Slouch Hats are 90% wool, 10% fur with satin lining.  6" crown, 3" brim, comes with gold Cavalry cord.  To purchase, select your size from the drop-down menu, then click "Add to Cart".
Hat Size Chart:
Med. (7-1/8)
Large (7-3/8)
Extra-Large (7-5/8)
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#14-505 CSA Hat Pin, $9.00
#14-506 Union Hat Pin, $9.00
#14-212 CSA 'Rebel Flag'
Hat Pin, $9.00
Brass Cavalry Insignia
#14-142 7th Cavalry Insignia, $8.00
#14-145 Cavalry  Insignia, $8.00
7th Cavalry Brass Insignia
Civil War Officer Sword Knot, 18 inch long, gold half-inch wide ribbon with basketwork tassel and matching gold slide.
#14-261 Officer's Sword Knot has gold, half-inch wide ribbon, 18" long to the basketwork tassel, matching gold slide.
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#16-08 -- Civil War Belt, black leather, 44" long. Use with CSA or Union Brass Buckles.
Civil War black leather enlisted man belt

Union Civil War  uniform blue slouch hat with gold tassle band
Confederate uniform grey slouch hat with gold tassle band
CSA Hat Pin replica, silver-tone CSA inside a gold-tone wreath
Rebel Flag Hat Pin, color enamel Rebel flag inside gold-tone laurel wreath
Union Hat Pin replica, silver-tone USA inside a gold-tone laurel wreath

To Order Hats, Choose size and color from the drop-down lists, then click "add to cart".
Enlisted 3" Oval Belt Buckles - Solid brass, lead backs with 3 clasp prongs.
Each ,
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#ONC01 - Rectangle CSA Belt Buckle - Solid brass
Civil War Belt Buckles

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Confederate Infantry Officer Sword and Scabbard
06-814 C.S.A. Infantry Officer's Sword
8.5-inch Powder Horn
#30-100 10" Powder Horn, made from real steer horn, with removable wood stopper and leather shoulder strap.
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1850 US Staff and Field Officer Sword
40" long, richly engraved, slightly curved blade, including the U.S. Insignia, leather grip is spiral wire bound, foliage designs cast into the brass handguard, steel scabbard w/brass fittings.
1850 Union
Staff & Field
Officer's  Sword
Confederate NCO Sword
06-710 C.S.A. NCO Sword

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Civil War
Holsters & Belts
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See our  Civil War Holsters and Belts and More Bugles

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US officer sword belt buckle
US Officer Sword Belt Buckle, #ONC21.
Confederate enlisted kepi cap, grey wool with leather brim.
Missouri River Shirt
Made of soft Pima cotton that is 100% pre-shrunk, this pullover V-neck style has button sleeves.  Available in natural (pictured), plus black or white, sizes Small to 4X (add $3.50 for sizes 2X-4X).
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Civil War Hats
10-16A - Gray Kepi Cap
See our deluxe, sharpenable replica of Gen. Shelby's sword
Union Civil War enlisted buckle
Civil War Confederate enlisted buckle
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Confederate brass rectangular belt buckle
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10-17 - Union Officer's
Kepi Cap
Powder Horn
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