Authentic, Non-Firing Replicas of Classic Guns
An Important Message From 4G Company Regarding
Replica Firearm Safety and Uses
While the replica firearms offered on our site are not capable of firing cartridges or bullets, there are still serious hazards associated with them because they so closely resemble functional, firing weapons.  Our replicas are NOT toys, and are NOT suitable for children under the age of 18.
The replica firearms displayed on this site are made for safe, non-threatening use in collections, as displays and conversation pieces, in theatrical or re-enactment productions, or for training purposes.

Do not carry or brandish replica weapons in public places, and like real guns, they should never be pointed at another person or used in a threatening manner in public or in private.  We also strongly advise against carrying replica firearms in concealment, or leaving them in plain view in unattended vehicles or other risky locations.

Irresponsible misuse of firearms--even replica firearms--can have fatal consequences.  As replicas of pre-20th Century guns do not have the bright orange external cap or red muzzle plug that is federally required on toy or airsoft guns, law enforcement, military, homeland security and other security personnel can easily mistake those replica firearms for the real thing--especially if they are aimed or brandished in a threatening manner. (Our replicas of modern firearms have a red plug inside the end of the barrel. Pre-1898 replicas have no plugs.) 4G Company cannot and will not be held liable for injury or death that may result from misuse, possession or ownership of the products we sell.  Therefore, we strongly urge you to use them in a safe and responsible manner.

NOTE TO OUR CUSTOMERS IN KANSAS and CALIFORNIA: The laws in these states specify we can only ship you a replica gun if it is part of a boxed or framed display, so if you do not choose a frame or box, we will add our lowest cost frame board (sold at cost) plus shipping for the extra weight of the board to comply with this law. We are required to abide by all laws.

    Please use products purchased from us responsibly!
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