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WW II Holsters & More
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U.S. .45 Automatic Military Holster
#04-550 -- This standard GI leather holster is designed for the M1911 .45 Automatic. It is constructed of thick brown leather with hooks for a standard G.I. web belt or slots for a standard belt. It is stamped U.S. and has a tie down leather strap & button snap.
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NOTE: 4G Company has no sympathies with any Nazi, Fascist or neo-political/ military parties past or present.  Items presented here are for historic reenactments and memorabilia collectors.
U.S. Standard GI Holster for M1911 .45 automatic pistol, brown leather
USMC Officer Holster for M1911 .45 pistol, black leather
USMC M1911 .45 Style Black Holster
#803382 -- This USMC Officer's Holster is designed to fit standard 1911-style .45 pistols.  Made from heavy, top-grain leather with a satin finish and sewn with waxed linen thread, it comes complete with leather leg thong. 2-1/4" wide belt loops, and belt hanger for web belts.  Comes stamped USMC.  Choose left- or right-hand draw.
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Universal Holster
04-514D -- this Universal Holster fits all P38 and 4" P08-style pistols.  Sturdy black leather with extra magazine pouch and full flap cover.
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Universal Holster for P38 and P08 type pistols, black leather, extra magazine pouch and full flap cover
M1911 Mag Pouch
Brown leather, 3-inch belt loops fit leather or web belts, 6 inches long, for single-stack mags.
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Leather sling for M1 Garand rifle
M1 Garand reproduction leather sling. Authentic WWII pattern with steel fittings and dates.  A modified form of this sling is still used today by high-power rifle competition shooters.
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M1 Garand
Leather Sling
Afrikacorps Hardshell Luger Holster
German Afrikacorps WWII Hardshell Luger P08 Holster, #802194
Afrikacorps Hardshell P38 Holster
German Afrikacorps WWII Hardshell for P38 Holster, #802200
These fine replicas of German holsters made between 1940 and 1943 are constructed exactly like the originals, in heavy brown leather with white stitching, bearing duplicate Afrikacorps markings, maker codes and Waffenarnt markings.  Originals of these holsters are hard to find today.
$54.95 Ea
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