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Early Percussion Pistols
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18th Century Italian
Percussion Blunderbuss
22-1104G Grey
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French percussio pistol, grey finish, real wood stock.
1872 French Percussion Cap  Replica
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NEW! Cap-Firing Replica!
1825 Italian Percussion Dueling Pistol Pair
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+1 demo: Basic page
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1700s Pirate Flintlock Pistol, grey finish, wood stock.
1700s Pirate Flintlock Pistol, brass barrel, wood stock.
Pirate Flintlock
Pistol Replica
1823 Italian Percussion Cap Pistol Replica, brass finish.
1825 Italian cap-fire dueling pistol,grey finish.
1825 Italian Percussion
Dueling Cap Pistol
1825 Italian Percussion Duel Pistol Pair
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Out of Stock - ETA mid-November
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Out of Stock - ETA mid-November
18th Century Italian Percussion Blunderbuss, grey finish
Out of Stock - ETA 10/29/22