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18th Century Pirate Blunderbuss
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The blunderbuss was a popular weapon for close-quarter fighting aboard ships--particularly when forcefully boarding another.  Not only were they quicker and easier to load on the moving deck of a ship with their wide, funnel-like barrels, they were designed to hold two or three balls, which could all be fired at once to deadly effect.  Given the lengthy loading process for a flintlock weapon, any refinement that speeded up the process presented a formidable advantage in the heat of a seagoing battle.  In addtion, the heavy stock and barrel could be used as a club if there was no time to re-load.

Swashbuckling ren-faire pirates and other costume performers will love the authentic details and the jolly roger emblem decorating the stock of our gunmetal grey-finish non-firing replica.  It's a great choice for collectors, too! An original 18th century blunderbuss sells for $4,000 or more, and you can add this accurately detailed replica to your collection for a tiny fraction of that!
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Pirate blunderbuss in brass fnish.
Pirate blunderbus in gunmetal grey finish
#22-1094G -  26" long,
Gunmetal gray  finish with Pirate emblem.
Plus shipping
Plus shipping

#22-1094L -  26" long,
Brass  finish with gunmetal gray flintlock.
#200664 Leather Skull & Crossbones Pirate Hat.
Plus Shipping
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