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The colorful history of the Wild West and legendary gunmen like Wild Bill Hickock, Wyatt Earp,  and Doc Holliday, have long fascinated us and captured our imaginations.  Our selection of Old West gifts pays tribute to that epic time with a selection of replica weapons, framed and boxed sets, holsters, and more.

1894 Lever Action Blank-Firing Rifle, blued black finish with European hardwood stock
Single-loop Mexican style fast draw holster as used by John Wayne in many movies.

Gift Ideas For Old West Enthusiasts
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Coach Gun - Replica of 1881 double barrel shotgun used to defend  stagecoaches throughout the Old West frontier.
1881 Coach Gun Replica
Famous weapon of the Old West--this is the
gun that coined the phrase, "Riding shotgun!"
This non-firing replica of a Coach Shotgun has a realistic, time-worn look and working parts just like the original 1881 percussion cap design, and will transport you back to the days when the stage coach traveled the trails of the Dakotas to Deadwood, with a trusty coach gun as its last and best line of defense.
1881 Double Barrel Pistol
Closeup view of 1881 Double Barrel Sawed-Off Shotgun
This cut-down model of the famous Coach Gun was a favorite of barkeeps throughout the Old West.  The barrel breaks open like the original, and this quality replica has functioning hammer and trigger action.  12" barrel, 21.5" long overall.  Doc Holliday carried a similar weapon hidden beneath his coat to the Gunfight at the OK Corral. #22-1114.

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Old West Gift Ideas
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Old West tooled tan leather holster & gunbelt.
Black leather western double holster and gunbelt.
1873 SAA, grey, black grips, frontier 5.5
`873 SAA, nickel, wood grips,
1873 SAA 'Six-Shooter', black with wood grips, fires caps.
1873 SAA, blued with mock ivory grips, 4.75
All our 1873 SAA replica revolvers fire caps, using the dummy bullet and cap set below.
Dummy bullets and cap set for cap-firing replica pistols.
Dummy bullet and caps set for 1873 SAA revolver cap guns. All the fun of your childhood cap pistols, in an all-wood & metal, authentic replica of the iconic "six-shooter."
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Old West Rifles
John Wayne 1892 Winchester rifle
1892 'Rifleman' Winchester replica rifle
John Wayne 1892 Winchester
'rifleman' 1892 Winchester