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Gifts  For World War I and World War II Buffs

Close-ups of the Enfield SMLE trademark blunt nose barrel and short magazine clip.
Our completely authentic replica of this historic 20th Century rifle includes its signature short magazine and a working bolt-action mechanism.  Ideal for reenactors and infantry drill teams.  #22-1090.
Garand M1 WWII US Infantry Rifle Repolica
WWII U.S. Infantry M1 Garand Replica
Schmeisser MP40 German Submachine Gun, shown with leather sling
#22-1111 Non-firing Replica!
German Schmeisser MP40
Fully Automatic Sub-Machine Gun Non-Firing Replica
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Close-up of M1 replica loading mechanism with breech open.

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Non-firing gun replica safety guidlines
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Webley MK IV British WWII Revolver
Webley MK IV British Revolver
Non-firing Replica

Detailed non-firing replica of the 1932 Mk IV, completely metal except for the composite grips.  The top breaks open like the original.  The cylinder rotates and the double-action trigger and hammer both work.  10-1/4" long overall with a 5" barrel.  #22-1119.

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MP41 German WWII machine gun replica, wood stock
MP41 German Schmeisser
#FD1124 Non-firing Replica
With or without leather sling

Fusil StG 44 (Sturmgewehr 44)
Alemani 1943 Assault Rifle, #FD1125 Non-firing Replica
Front view of British Sten Mk II SMG replica
British Sten SMG
Non-firing Replica, #22-1148
WW2-issue holster for M1911 .45 military pistol
USMC black leather holster for M1911 .45
P338 Nazi-marked hardshell holster, black leather
Luger P08 AfrikaKorps hardshell holster, brown leather
P38 AfrikaKorps hardshell holster, brown leather
World War Holsters
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World War I & II

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German StG 44 WWII assault riflereplica  with wood stock
With or without leather sling
MP41 German WWII SMG with leather sling
StG 44 German WWII assault rifle replica with sling
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SMLE - Short Magazine Lee Enfield Rifle Replica
British Enfield SMLE Non-firing Replica Rifle