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1760 Scottish Flintlock - replica of the pistol that fired the first shot of the American Revolution at Lexington-Concord
1760 American Revolutionary War Lexington Flintlock
This 1760 Scottish Flintlock pistol is  only 12 inches long, but this all-metal, non-firing replica weighs a hefty two pounds, with moving parts, and a heavily detailed and beautifully embossed finish. Great choice for Revolutionary War history buffs or reenactors!
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Stained pine flintlock pistol display stand, velvet covered supports for most long-barrelled flintlock pistols
Flintlock Pistol Stand
#27-128 - Stained pine stand displays your pistol upright on velvet covered, fitted supports.  (Pistol not included).  Fits most long-barrel flintlock pistols.

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George Washington Hawkins Flintlock Pistol

George Washington's Flintlock
George Washington's favorite pistol was made in London in 1748 by Hawkins, one of the best known gunmakers of the period.  It still survives today as one of our national treasures. Elegant in design, Washington's pistol combines simple, clean lines with tasteful silvertone decoration. This non-firing replica has all of the features of the original, including the George Washington nameplate on the grip.
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George Washington Flintlock Pistol mounted with baroque hangers on a stained pine plaque with routed edges, brass signature plaque and vintage etching of Washington Crossing the Delaware
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#27-350 - George Washington's Flintlock Pistol in a Framed Set
This framed set features an authentic full size, authentic replica of this priceless antique, complete with ornate, spring-loaded hangers that allow you to easily remove the pistol and test its working flintlock action. A vintage engraving of Washington Crossing the Delaware and a brass plate bearing his reproduced signature complete the set, mounted on a stained wood plaque with routed edges and hanging hardware.

George Washington Flintlock Pistol  in a wood presentation box with bronze signature plate and colorized etching of Washington Crossing the Delaware in the lid.
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#27-125 - George Washington's Flintlock Pistol in a Framed Set
Lexington Revolutionary Flintlock Boxed Set
1760 American Revolution
Lexington Flintlock
Boxed Set
'Shot Heard 'Round the World'
Plus shipping
This boxed set features a full-size replica of a price-
sentation  box with brass hinges.  The non-firing replica is
and comes complete with a 'Don't Tread On Me' Revolutionary flag, story card inset, and a brass identification plate.
nestled in a black, form-fitting foam insert with a velvet finish,

reproduction print of "Washington Crossing the Delaware" and a brass identification plate etched with his signature. 
less piece of American history in a hand-made wood pre-
velvet-finished foam insert inside a hand-
This boxed set features an authentic
Full-sized replica of Washington's per-
sonal flintlock pistol, nestled in a black,
made presentation box, complete with a colorized
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Charleville Musket
Replica with Bayonet

Charleville Carbine

Historic muskets made at the world-famous St. Etienne armory  in France--used by the Continental Army

Brown Bess Musket
Replica with Bayonet
The famously long (over five feet with bayonet attached) British musket that was used by both sides in the American Revolution.

Kentucky Rifle

This uiquely American weapon saw service during the American Revolution, the War of 1812 and the battle at the Alamo.  A few were still in use during the  Civil War!
Genuine Brown Bess Lead Musket Balls
Genuine Brown Bess
Musket Balls
Hurry!  Limited quantities, and stock is running low! Set of 5, from the time of the Battle of Waterloo (1815), issued with .75 caliber, 3rd model Brown Bess muskets used during the War of 1812 and the Napoleonic Wars. #600432.
$12.00 plus shipping

Genuine Brown Bess Musket Flints
In A Boxed Display!
#600828 -- Thirteen original flints, knapped in 18th Century England during the Napoleonic Wars (1788-1815), permanently arranged in a handsome black shadowbox frame behind glass, with a brass identification plate.  10.5" x 8.5" by 1.5" deep.  Also comes with an attractive stand of heavy, black twisted wire for desktop display.  Great gift for a Napoleonic or Revolutionary War history buff!
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American Revolution Coins
#802265 - $18.95
Minted in the USA, these exacting, museum-quality replica coins look and feel like the real thing!  11 different coins, including state coins from Vermont, New Jersey, Massachusetts, New York, New Hampshire & Connecticutt, plus the unique Continental dollar, Mass. Pine Tree copper, two bits piece, New Hampshire halfpenny and Spanish piece of eight.  Great for teachers, collectors, history buffs.
American Revolutionary War Saber Replica with leather scabbard
Close-up view of American Revolutionary War Saber Replica
American Revolutionary War Saber
The hand-made hilt of this Circa 1775 replica saber reflects the admiration of American Colonists for the dashing French Hussars.   Fast and well-balanced, it is designed for the mounted fighter.  The solid steel hilt has a spiral pattern hardwood grip.  Comes with black leather scabbard with steel mounts.  Add this handsome piece of early American history to your collection! 39.5" long, 34" blade is 1.25" wide.
Click photos for larger images.
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View our Brown Bess and Charleville musket replicas!
13 Brown Bess Musket Flints in a Shadowbox Frame
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American Revolutionary War
and Napoleonic War Enthusiasts
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Flintlock Framed Sets Curios
American flag
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Was $145.00
Revolutionary War coins - 11 different coins including state coins from several of the thirteen original colonies plus the unique Continental dollar, Massachusetts Pine Tree copper, New Hampshire half penny and more.
State coins from the American Revolutionary War
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Steer Powder Horn
#30-100 Powder HornMade of real steer horn! $14.00 plus shipping.

Boston Tea Party tomahawk framed set, light wood
Boston Tea Party tomahawk framed set, dark wood

Boston Tea-Party Tomahawk Framed Set
The 'Boston Tea Party' tax rebellion is depicted in this framed set featuring a Colonial-era replica tomahawk, vintage engraving of "The Boston Boys Throwing Tea into the Harbor" and a brass identification plate, mounted on an 18x7 inch wood plaque in light or dark finish.
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Frame Finish
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