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1873 Single Action Cavalry Revolver
1873 Colt Cavalry Revolver, 7-inch barrel, bright nickel finish, wood grip
1873 Colt Cavalry Revolver, 7-inch barrel, pewter finish, wood grip
#22-1191G - Pewter, Wood Grip, 7.5" barrel
#22-1191N - Nickel, Wood Grip, 7.5" barrel
Now you can own a true legend of the Old West, at a fraction of the cost for an original!  These non-firing metal replicas have real wood grips, and the weight and heft of an original, a functional hammer and trigger mechanism, revolving cylinder and working ejector system.  Cock the hammer, spin the cylinder--even load replica shells in the chambers (sold separately).  When you buy one of our authentically detailed Denix replicas, you get everything but the bang! 
The Single Action Army Revolver was produced in several forms and many calibers between 1872 and 1940, with production of about 350,000 pieces.  Since the SAA Revolver was introduced and adopted as an American military sidearm at the same time the 'Wild West' was being settled, the two became forever linked in legend and history.  The Single Action revolvers produced during the late 1800s were quickly dubbed "Frontier Six Shooters", and even "The Gun That Won the West".

Used by legends like Buffalo Bill Cody, Wild Bill Hickock, Pat Garret and Bat Masterson, the Single Action Revolver also became the weapon of choice for settlers in the West of the late 1800s. The Cavalry Model's relatively long (7.5") barrel provided excellent accuracy in capable hands.
The Gun That Won The West?
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