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Griswold & Gunnison
Confederate Revolver Replica Civil War page heading.
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Historically Authentic Replica of A Rare Southern-Made Revolver
HISTORY:  Operators of a cotton gin factory before the War, Griswold and Gunnison was one of only three manufacturers who took advantage of the interest-free loans and generous contract terms the Confederate government offered to southern factories who would convert their facilities to produce sidearms for the Confederate Army.  Of the three, Griswold and Gunnison was the only company that achieved any success as gunmakers.

In 1862, the Confederacy gave them the go-ahead to produce as many pistols as they could, to supply troops that were carrying everything from Colt dragoons to antiquated flintlocks, but the South never caught up to the North in sheer numbers of armaments, owing to a dire shortage of raw materials.

The Griswold and Gunnison pistol was a near-exact copy of the .36 caliber percussion cap and ball 1851 Colt Navy revolver, except it had a brass frame instead of steel--due to the scarcity of metals in the south--and its barrel was round rather than octagonal.  It was a good quality weapon, but the factory was only able to produce about 3600 pieces before it was destroyed by Sherman during his 1864 march through Georgia. -- Griswold & Gunnison Confederate Revolver

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Griswold & Gunnison Confederate revolver, brass and black, wood grips.
Griswold & Gunnison Confederate Revolver, Grey, wood grips.
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#22-1083L - Black Barrel and cylinder, with Brass Frame, Wood Grips
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Very few of these pistols remain in existence today, so an original would command a high price, making these historically authentic, non-firing replicas an even more attractive addition to any Civil War firearms collection.

Because of its unique historic connection with the South, this Griswold and Gunnison Navy-type revolver  is an excellent choice for rebel reenactors, too.  You'll be the envy of all the other "Rebs" when you show off this handsome replica of one of the few Confederate-made revolvers.
#22-1083G - Grey finish with Wood Grips
Griswold & Gunnison Confederate Revolver, blued, ivory grips
#22-8083 - Blued with "Ivory" Grips
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