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Accessories for Gun/Sword Displays

(set of two)

Mount Your Gun Display With Our Spring-Loaded Decorative Hangers
Bullet  Hangers, #22-35
(set of two)
Civil War  Hat Pins
Rebel Flag Hat Pin
Union Hat Pin, gold wreath with silver U.S. in center
Union, #14-506, $8.00
Confederate Hat Pin, gold-tone wreath with silver-tone CSA in center
Brass Cavalry Insignia *
Crossed Sabers 7th Cavalry Insignia, brass
Custer's 7th Cavalry
Crossed Sabers Calvary Insignia, brass
#14-145, Cavalry Insignia
Cavalry crossed sword insignia for kepi hats
#14-10A, Cavalry
Kepi Insignia
CSA, #14-505, $8.00
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$7.00 each
Baroque gun or sword wall hangers, antique brass, red heraldic shield
(set of two)
Plus shipping
Fleur de Lis gun or sword hangers, silver finish
Fleur de Lis spring loaded gun or sword hangers in brass, set of two
Baroque Fleur de Lis Shield #22-24L
Custom display of Civil War pistols featuring 1860 Army and Confederate Griswold and Gunnison replicas
These are displays created by Charlie McWilliam, one of our customers in the United Kingdom who was kind enough to share the photos -- we are displaying Charlie's handiwork as examples of the kinds of things you can do to create custom displays for your replica guns. (photos used with permission of Charlie McWilliam).  Top left: 1860 Army and 1851 Navy replicas. Top right: 1849 Dragoon

Plus Shipping.
Plus Shipping.
Pistol Display Stand
Backplate:  3-7/8 inch tall
Front shield: 2-5/8 inch tall
1-5/8 inch spring extension
Baroque Lion Shield Wall Hangers #22-23L
Baroque Lion Shield Wall Hangers for pistols or swords
Backplate: 2-3/4" tall, Front: 2" tall
1-3/4" fully extended
(set of two)
Plus shipping
Texas Ranger display using 1849 Dragoon replica, Bowie knife, Mexican loop holster, badges and period currency against a Texas Republic flag background.
Click photos for larger images
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Plus Shipping
Rebel Flag, #14-212, $8.00
Pistol display stand
Walnut-finished hardwood stand, fits most  pistols. #22-808.
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Fleur De Lis  Hangers, #22-11
2 inches tall, 2 inch spring extension
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Bullet decorative gun hangers
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