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This longer version of the SAA .45 was called 'Cavalry style' because it was preferred by Cavalry troopers and officers for its 7-1/2" barrel, which provided superior accuracy and distance of fire compared to the short-barreled 'fast-draw' models. This beautiful non-firing replica is a superb example of the gunmaker's art, in black with brass accents and black American Eagle grips.  Like all our SAA replicas, this one has a functional lock mechanism, revolving cylinder and working ejector system,  and can be loaded with replica ammo (see below) and stick-on caps for real Old West firing action.  (See below for info).  The cylinders are bored to a non-standard size for safety, and real .45 cartridges will not fit in the chambers.
1873 SAA Cavalry Revolver, Brass & Black
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1873 SAA Cavalry, black and brass, black textured grips.
#22-1109L - Black & Brass dual finish, with textured, black American Eagle Grips
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"Dummy" Bullets and Caps for Cap-Gun Replicas
To fire caps, load your replica revolver with these "dummy" bullets, and insert a cap "dot" into the indentation on the bottom of the bullet, then cock the hammer and pull the trigger to "fire."
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Manufactured in Spain to work best with our Gonher cap pistol replicas. Loudness similar to a hand-clap. 24 caps included. #22-49.