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1849 Navy Pocket Pistol
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1862 Colt Navy Pocket Pistol, nickel finish
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1862 Colt Navy Pocket Pistol, pewter finish
Antiqued Grey Finish
8-2/3" long
An All-Time Best-Seller!
From the gold fields of California to the Civil War battlefield, these pocket pistols were Samuel Colt's best-selling design of all time! The Pocket Pistols were produced and sold between 1849 and 1873.  With their 3-inch barrels, these smaller pistols were easier to carry and handle than the typically larger and heavier revolvers of the day.  The 1860s-era pocket pistols were altered from the original .31 caliber to a 5-shot, .36 caliber, thanks to the development of stronger, mass-produced steel to beef up the trademark Navy model octagonal barrels. 

Though primarily a civilian firearm, it was rumored to be popular with Civil War officers who didn't use them in combat, but carried them in case they were wounded, as a defense against battlefield surgeons bent on amputating a limb.
Click here to see the Barnwood-framed wall display of the Navy pocket pistol
#22-1259NQ - Nickel/black
8-2/3" long
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