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Baby Phildelphia 'Derringer'
Cap Pistol Replica of
The Gun That Shot Lincoln

The Baby Philadelphia Percussion Pistol used by John Wilkes Boothe in 1865 to assassinate President Lincoln as he sat watching a play in the Ford Theater was very similar to this historically authentic replica.

A favorite hideaway gun of gamblers and cardsharks, the Baby Philadelphia was only 6.5" long, and easily concealed in a coat or boot--doubtless the reason it was the weapon chosen by Boothe for his heinous act of presidential murder.

This replica, in addition to being a fine, historically authentic replica, is also a cap gun!  It uses standard "pull-off" ring caps that are less expensive and easier to buy than blank ammo, while adding realism to theatrical or reenactment performances.

NOTE: Though designed to use "toy" caps, this replica is NOT a toy!  Never fire off caps near face or eyes.  Use with adult supervision only.  Must be 18 or over to order. -- Gun That Shot Lincoln Cap Pistol Replica
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John Wilkes Boothe derringer cap pistol replica.
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